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Product: 14210 Product: 14210

Great (bleeping) Cigars...X Rated Label
Great (bleeping) Cigars..."X" Rated Label

    You asked for them again... you got 'em.   They're back!

                                  Free  Shipping !

                  WOW... I guess you guys really loved these Cigars. 
                Our very first offering sold out in under six hours flat! 
      Since that time we've taken over two hundred forty back orders.

Why Buy A Cheap Cigar...when you can buy a Great Cigar...Cheap!


I suppose it was safer for the manufacturer to use an off-color picture on their label and the individual cigar bands than to put into print... "Great (bleeping) Cigars"

Whether you say the words or just let the label speak for itself, there is one thing certain... these are indeed great (bleeping) cigars! All 100% premium blended long filler tobacco's using only the finest Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade Wrappers, Dominican and Cuban seed leaf for first rate binders, and San Victor and Olar as top grade filler creating a mild to medium, smooth, easy drawing, great tasting cigar.
The Maduro uses the very best Original San Andres Maduro Wrappers available, anywhere, creating a medium to full exceptional cigar. 

And if the label hasn't put a smile on your face... the price sure will.

     Don't let the label fool you... this is one seriously good smoke!
                                                          Free  Shipping !

 20 Ct. Great (bleeping) Cigars..Churchill..Connecticut (7x50)..$46.95      QTY:
 20 Ct. Great (bleeping) Cigars..Corona Esplendido..Connecticut (6.75x48)..$46.95      QTY:
 20 Ct. Great (bleeping) Cigars..Torpedo..Connecticut (6.5x52)..$46.95      QTY:
 20 Ct. Great (bleeping) Cigars..Dbl. Toro..Connecticut (6x60)..$46.95      QTY:
 20 Ct. Great (bleeping) Cigars..Toro Grande..Connecticut (6x54)..$46.95      QTY:
 20 Ct. Great (bleeping) Cigars..Robusto..Connecticut (5x52)..$46.95      QTY:
 20 Ct. Great (bleeping) Cigars..Churchill..Maduro (7x50)..$46.95      QTY:
 20 Ct. Great (bleeping) Cigars..Torpedo..Maduro (6.5x52)..$46.95      QTY:
 20 Ct. Great (bleeping) Cigars.. Toro Grande..Maduro (6x54)..$46.95      QTY:
 20 Ct. Great (bleeping) Cigars..Robusto..Maduro (5x52)..$46.95      QTY:

Product ID: 14210

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