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Arturo Fuente Cigar Samplers
Arturo Fuente Cigar Samplers

Arturo Fuente...what name better exemplifies the finest premium cigars in the world?

The Fuente family's tobacco roots go back to the old world of nineteenth century Cuba. Born in 1887, Arturo Fuente learned the art of cultivating top quality tobacco and manufacturing handmade cigars from his father in Cuba. After immigrating to the United States and finally settling in Tampa,  Arturo rolled his first cigar bearing the Fuente family name.
Arturo Fuente is still a family company after all these years, representing four generations of family tradition, and is internationally recognized as the world's finest cigar maker. 
Treat yourself to a truly exceptional cigar experience.... enjoy a sampling of the world's finest cigars while also saving a bundle during this special Fuente Sale!

Arturo Fuente
5 Ct. Sampler

1 Fuente "Churchill"
1 Fuente Brevas "Royale"
1 Fuente Montesino
1 "Curly Head" Natural
1 Fuente "Exquisito"
msrp:$42       Sale: $29
Arturo Fuente
7 Ct. Sampler
1 Hemingway Especial "Signature"
1 Fuente "Churchill" Natural
1 Fuente "Double Château"
1 Flor Fina "8-5-8" Natural
1 Montesino "Napoleon"
1 Brevas "Royale" Natural
1 Fuente "Rothschild"
msrp:$63              Sale: $41
Arturo Fuente
10 Ct. Sampler
2 Hemingway "Classic"
2 Hemingway "Signature"
2 Fuente "Churchill"
2 Fuente "Napoleon"
2 Fuente "Cuban Corona"
msrp:$84       Sale: $62
Arturo Fuente
12 Ct. Sampler
2 Fuente "Double Château"
2 Montesino "Gran Corona"
2 Montesino "Napoleon"
2 Fuente "Curly Head"
2 Fuente "Royal Brevas"
2 Fuente "Exquisito"
msrp:$76       Sale: $56

Arturo Fuente
14 Ct. Sampler
2 Hemingway "Work Of Art"
2 Hemingway "Signature"
2 Hemingway "Classic"
2 Hemingway "Short Story"
2 Montesino "Napoleon"
2 Fuente "Double Château"
2 Fuente "Churchill"
msrp:$140         Sale: $89
Arturo Fuente
16 Ct. Sampler

3 Fuente "Double Château"
3 Fuente "Churchill"
2 Montesino "Napoleon"
2 Montesino "Gran Corona"
2 Flor Fina "8-5-8"
2 Fuente "Rothschild"
2 Fuente "Exquisito"
msrp:$125    Sale: $81

Arturo Fuente
18 Ct. Sampler

2 Fuente "Churchill"
2 Montesino "Napoleon"
2 Hemingway "Signature"
2 Hemingway "Classic"
2 Hemingway "Short Story"
2 Curly Head "Deluxe"
2 Fuente "Cuban Corona"
2 Montesino "Gran Corona"
2 Fuente "Double Château"
msrp:$143       Sale: $97

The Arturo Fuente
20 Ct. Sampler
One of each....
Hemingway Especial- "Classic"
Hemingway Especial-"Signature"
Hemingway "Work Of Art"
Hemingway "Short Story"
Hemingway "Best Seller"
Double "Château Fuente"
"Château Fuente"-Cedar
Fuente "Cuban Corona"
Montesino "Napoleon"
Montesino "Gran Corona"
Arturo Fuente Churchill Nat.
Château Fuerte "Cuban Belicoso"
Fuente "Rothschild"
Brevas "Royal" Natural
Brevas "Royal" Maduro
Flor Fina "858" Natural
Flor Fina "8-5-8" Maduro
Fuente "Curly Head"
Arturo Fuente Deluxe Natural
Fuente Petit Corona
msrp:$172            Sale: $105

With the overwhelming response to this Arturo Fuente Sampler, individual samplers may be changed periodically to meet inventories. Please be sure to review the sampler you wish to purchase just before placing your order.

 #1...5 Ct. Arturo Fuente Sampler...$29      QTY:
 #2...7 Ct. Arturo Fuente Sampler...$41      QTY:
 #3...10 Ct. Arturo Fuente Sampler...$62      QTY:
 #4...12 Ct. Arturo Fuente Sampler...$56      QTY:
 #5...14 Ct. Arturo Fuente Sampler...$89      QTY:
 #6...16 Ct. Arturo Fuente Sampler...$81      QTY:
 #7...18 Ct. Arturo Fuente Sampler...$97      QTY:
 #8...20 Ct. Arturo Fuente Sampler...$105      QTY:

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