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Humi-70 Hydrating Gel Jar.. 50-100 Cigar Humidor
Humi-70 Hydrating Gel Jar.. 50-100 Cigar Humidor

The Humi-70... “Your Cigars Best Friend”
Ideally suited for small to medium humidors (20-75 cigars)

Never again depend on humidifacation devises where you cannot tell if additional water needs to be added. The Humi-70 answers that question with one glance.

The Humi-70 is an amazing companion for all Humidors. The completely non-toxic and safe gel has been chemically programmed to remain at, and discharge a perfect 70% clean humidity within a closed humidor environment, keeping your cigars always at their smoking prime, and ready for your enjoyment. The Humi-70 is easy to operate, just add a little distilled water ¾ full in the container, place the container within the containers lid (as shown in the picture), place inside of the humidor, and close the humidor. As a general rule, Humidors up to 100 cigar capacity in size requires only one Humi-70. Check your Humi-70 at least once a month and add distilled water as needed. The Humi-70 is re-useable again and again for up to one yeat.

These exact Humi-70 jars are being advertised on Ebay and other so called 'discount' cigar sites at the ridiculously inflated price of $8.99 a jar!

Retail Price: $8.99
Our Price: - You Save $4.04!

Quantity:  Humi-70 Hydrating Gel Jar.. 50-100 Cigar Humidor

Product ID: 11609

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